Monday, August 27, 2007

cowboy and a sneak thief


enzo avolio said...

Absolutely beautiful work you have here!

ryuku said...

enzo avolio*

Thank you for comment.
I'll put illo here again!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Ryuku, many beautiful charming artworks you have posted!! The exhibtion is wonderful!! Congrat!

PaintMonster said...

Hola Ryuku,
These are wonderful arts!
I love your NU style very much.
are you plan to make book or sketchbook? I want to buy!!

ryuku said...


Your comment made me happy.


I don't yet plan to make book .
I should draw these style illustration.

I'll make my book.

Tomás Ives said...

nice work, beautiful style.
so simple, it's just precise.
i fight myself to found a simple style everyday... well i'll keep on trying

see ya around!

opi said...

your work is better month after month,i m very happy to see your progress,it s a great blog for the art and for the spirit....

Wynne Chen said...

Congras for the show:)
U have lots great stuffs.
I love the hat!! May i buy one from u:P

ryuku said...

Tomás Ives*

Thanks for your comment!!
I aim at a simple style, too.
I'll keep drawing.

see you!


I have been changing my style.
Because I love simple design.

I'm glad you think so.

Wynne Chen*

long time no see!!

Will it be a drawn cap of the illustration?

I can't yet sell it.

but I think to sell my goods.

please wait...

Christophe said...

Your latest illustrations are fantastic ! The exhibition looked great, congratulations. Wish I could have seen it for real !

opi said...

happy new year ryuku....

ryuku said...

Thanks Christophe!

Happy New year opi
I hope your wonderful new year!!