Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I hope to keep a pet!!

The first hope
The second hope
The third hope
.....Please keep a pet!!
I go to a home to play with your pet.

I hope......


tiramisue said...

Hi Ryuku!! I'm not sure if you remember me, but i met you at Shane's place a few months back when you were visiting the USA with Marty :) Anyhow, i bought a Japanese magazine yesterday, "Oawaii!", for inspiration. I was so happy to see one of your drawings on page 124!! 'So cute ( i scanned it ):

'Glad to have found your blog! ^_^

'Hope you are doing well!

-Sue :)

PS: Thanks again for the stationery! I love it so much!!

PaintMonster said...

yes, really nice sweeet drawing it!!

and HEY SUE!!!!!
please visiting to my blog also!!!

ryuku said...

Hi Sue!!
I am very glad of comment from you.

Oh, Really?!
This photograph is my illustration!
This is work of last year.

I am glad for you to find my blog!!
I found your blog, too! ! ^_^/

I hope to meet you again next year.

see you!!

Hi Marty!!
I go to Los Angeles to be going to meet Sue next year!!
I study English more. hahaha

The Monkeyking said...

Hey Ryuku!
Have you ever thought about animating your drawings? They really lend themselves to animation.

Hope things are going good. :)


cutesypoo said...


I love your blog!
I saw it on tiramisue's links.
I will link yours to mine!
Great drawings!

seriousartstudent said...

I found your blog while Google-ing "Monkey" for my University project (making a sculpture).

Very interesting and unique drawings! Cute animals too! :-)

How about making short comic strips?


ryuku said...

The Monkeyking**

I'm glad for your comment.
Thank you very much!!

I am interested in animation and comics.
I want to try it.

Thank you.