Monday, August 15, 2005

It is hot every day !!

It is very hot in my room with the coming of summer.
Only wind of an electric fan is not enough.


PaintMonster said...

huhuhuhu I know you!!
these are sweet ills!
keeep droping!

Anonymous said...


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n69n said...

i hear you!
i had to move my computer into bedroom because it is only room in my aprtment that is cool!!!! other rooms are too hot to even sit in!!!

Marco said...

I don't come across alot of new blogs so it's nice seeing yours, keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Great site will be back soon.


ryuku said...

I enjoy blog!!
Always thank you.

If this is the heat on the beach, it might be good.
However, it is very hard if working.
You understand my feelings, and I understand your feelings....
I am waiting for autumn to come....hahaha

I intend to write my present condition here.
(It is a picture diary.)
Please come again if you liked here.
I intend to put it soon.

paige said...

Ryku!! Nice to see you have a blog! I love your drawings and I still have several of your doodles here in my studio. I hope you come to visit Los Angeles with Marty and his wife again this year. I'm adding you to my blog list and I hope you keep posting lots of new drawings!!

ryuku said...


Hi paige!!
I am very glad of your comment.
I love your illustration and watch blog and web site.

I have your doodles , too.
It is my treasure!!

I go to Los Angeles again next year.
I hope to see you again!

I'm adding you to my blog list.


PaintMonster said...

Hi Hiii
Paige's blog site name is...
"eyes wide apart" must add "t"!!

and I want to see your aweet doodles more and more!!!!!

ryuku said...


I made a mistake!

Thank you for teaching.

Me said...

nice cartoons..

Alex said...

Wonderful drawings! Please make more!

Alina Chau said...

Love your drawings!! They are soooo much FUn!!

Virginia Valle said...

:D congratulations for your new blog

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